Food Rescue

Billions and billions of pounds of food are wasted each year. 

Over 1/3  of the food we share has been recovered from local grocers, growers, and businesses — this comes out to 300,000 lbs annually!  These are items that are high in nutritional quality, but are not suitable for traditional retail due to damaged packaging, and imperfections in produce appearance.

NourishMKE plays a role in expanding food life span by re-routing food that would otherwise go to waste, rigorously sorting the food, and then distributing it to thousands of families a year who get to enjoy it.

Rescuing food in this type of way is commonly called gleaning. Gleaning expands the choices we are able to offer at our pantries, and allows us to provide a greater variety of healthy, culturally specific foods

Our food rescue partners include:

  • Outpost Natural Food Coop
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Costco
  • Aldi
  • Sendiks. 
  • Nel-Sunshine Farms

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