Get Food FAQs

On-Site Client Registration Info

When you visit our locations to shop please bring the following items:

An ID for you and all those in your household AND a proof of address

Some Examples of ID: Driver’s License, State ID, School ID, Forward Card, MCTS Card, Library Card, Insurance Card, Foreign Passport, or Other Photo ID.
Examples of Proof of Address: bill, bank statement or official mail, current rent agreement, FoodShare case, utility bill, etc.

All information collected is confidential.


Our food access programs currently serve our neighbors whose incomes are below the government’s guidelines. We do NOT require proof of income. 

While some of our locations serve a primary zipcode, we make every effort to serve each family at least one time and help you find the closest resources to your home. 

NourishMKE’s community is for everyone, regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Available Foods

NourishMKE offers a choice model, allowing shoppers to select the foods they need for their family. A wide variety of food is available to meet the nutritional and cultural needs for families.

We ensure that fresh produce, non-perishables, dairy, meat, and whole grains are available to all. 


Coggs, Hope House, and Despensa sites are handicap accessible. If you are unable to come in, consider having a friend or relative become your proxy and pick up groceries on your behalf. Additionally, some individuals may be eligible for home delivery. For questions, please contact us at 414-289-6030.

Shopper Testimonials

"I had heard about the pantry but never been. Finally when there was no food in my fridge I went. I was surprised by the amount of food i was offered. My 13 year old son was happy to have diapers for his sister. We felt a lot of joy that day"
Pantry Shopper
"Apart from the food, more than anything, it's the friendships that the pantry does best. I meet other people and we also share resources amongst each other." [Translated from Spanish]
Pantry Shopper
"The pantry… I don't know if I can express exactly what it means to me. I'd gone to the pantry one day to get food but I got support and love and peace and family. I can go there at any time and get support, not just food, but emotional, spiritual, and physical. It's more than a pantry, it's a family. It's a community and there's no judgment - whether you need food or don't, whether you need just a home… everyone is there. "
Pantry Shopper