Groceries & Services


People who need good, nutritious food and a friendly community will find it at one of our four locations.

NourishMKE is the largest network of food pantries in Milwaukee providing over 1 million pounds of food at four locations in our pantries. We operate six days per week and offer nutritious foods, including fresh, culturally relevant produce that is healthy and nourishing.

How it Works

Volunteers, staff and many shoppers arrive early to talk and be together. Once our guests check in, they get to shop. A volunteer is always available to help them. Throughout the day, we prepare food that we’ve grown in our gardens, and we eat it together. In multiple ways, we help people learn about food,  nutrition, and wellness.

Additional Services

Diapers/Infant needs – We offer diapers at all 4 of our locations thanks to partnerships with organizations such as United Way and the Milwaukee Diaper Mission. Other infant needs, including food and related products, are distributed in partnership with Impact 2-1-1 and the Hunger Task Force.

Stock Box – Our Orchard and Fond du Lac food centers distribute over 180 stock boxes per month, each filled with 40 pounds of food, in partnership with the USDA and the Hunger Task Force. Stock boxes are for individuals 60+ and can be received in addition to your monthly free groceries.

Socks – We are able to offer socks in adult sizes XS-XL at all of our pantries thanks to our partnership with Bombas.